About Us

Calltech Communications LTD. Is a part of the Tormat group, specialized in development, marketing and support of advanced CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solutions and products, based on CallTech’s own advanced technology the Xbuilder platform. Calltech offers the market two main products: Xpresso – Contact Center and Star*Vas – IVR.

CallTech’s extensive experience and high expertise in developing, operating and maintenance of CTI and contact center applications reflected in our product line, helps our customers improve their business productivity, allowing them a rapid response to the ever changing competitive market circumstance.
CallTech’s main product line today consists of contact center solutions and interactive voice response, value added services for telephony service operators. Calltech also supplies additional IVR applications for organizations in a variety of different industries and sizes. The proprietary technology, powers CallTech’s line of products is a service creation environment, the CallTech Xbuilder comprised of a library of building blocks for designing and deploying CTI/IVR applications, based on Microsoft technology. CallTech’s solutions are offered with a built-in-soft-switch which qualifies then to work practically with any PBX regardless of make or model, or directly with the PSTN via telephony board of specific 3rd parties such as Dialogic and Audio-Codes.
CallTech Xpresso is the ideal solution for a wide variety of businesses that operate contact centers, whether help-desks support service, customer assistance lines, telemeeting or telemarketing centers. CallTech Xpresso provides managers with a large set of tools for sophisticated and intelligent management of contact center’s resources.
CallTech Star*Vas services are based on CallTech Xbuilder, CallTech’s service Creation Environment (SCE) – a flexible platform based on Microsoft standard technology. With CallTech Star*Vas, textual content is retrieved directly from the Internet, databases, XML, TXT and I-Mode sources can be read and understood automatically. This way, services are updated without any human intervention and on a regular basis. Each service uses pre-recorded prompts and complete sentences that are clear, understandable and user-friendly. Applications such as dating, quizzes, games and much more are available.

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