Xbuilder Platform

CallTech’s Xbuilder is a unique Service Creation Environment (SCE) provides CallTech’s customers with cutting edge technology benefiting. This innovative SCE facilitates the design, development and modification of a wide variety of IVR and Contact Center applications, by means of a clear and logical MS Windows graphical user interface. This highly flexible environment positions CallTech’s customers at the edge technology, benefiting them with a faster time-to-market over their competitors, and an enhanced customer experience.

The Xbuiler’s SCE editor consists of a built-in library of 300 ready-to-use visual building blocks and components representing different stages and aspects of the design and development process of an IVR and CTI scripts. In order to implement a specific script of business process.

The user can connect building blocks and components, in parallel or serial mode that reflects the customer’s script and implement it as an ActiveX control that performs a specific functionality. Developed script can be later reused for future scenarios. CallTech’s SCE supports a wide variety of telephony protocols such as: SIP, T1, PRI-Euro ISDN, Analog lines, ISUP and more. CallTech’s built in switch capabilities provide our customers with the ability to work practically with any PBX or to connect our system directly to the PSTN.

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